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100 Fun Facts about The Girl Who Fell From the Sky: Day One

I'm counting down the last 100 days before the book's publication with 100 Fun Facts about writing the book. Stay tuned by subscribing to my News feed. (See the tan box on the right-side of this page.)

Here are the first 10:

Look for the answer to the question right here on Nov. 16 --the day I think I might meet Barbara Kingsolver in person! I'm terribly excited.

99. This book has been 12 years in the making! I started a version of this book in 1997 shortly after I left corporate law.

98. I have worked on the book at 6 different artists colonies including: Jentel (twice), Djerassi, Ucross, Ragdale, New York Mills Cultural Center, and Hedgebrook.

97. When I was very stuck with the novel, I trained and ran a marathon to cure my writer's block. It kind of worked.

96. A deal with my buddy Laurie Braun to write 200 words each week and then read them aloud to her in-person or over the phone kick-started my writing too. Many of those 200-word passages are still in the book today. Thank you LKB!

95. There is a real-life Aunt Loretta; and she is beautiful too!

94. When Barbara Kingsolver called me last year to tell me that I'd won the Bellwether Prize, I didn't answer the phone because I thought it was a telemarketer. (She left a message--whew!)

93. I got a mean rejection letter from a literary journal that didn't like the chapter I was sending out as a story. That story ended up winning the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition and is part of the book.

92. I like to write with blue ink best.

91. I got to meet Vanessa Williams a couple of years ago after she read a short excerpt from the book. She was so beautiful and so incredibly nice! Can I just say: I love her!

Stay tuned for more Fun Facts--the countdown continues next week! Maybe you have questions about the book I can answer? Let me know!


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