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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 10--Contestant #114 & the Importance of a Mentor

I walked into this whole writing thing pretty blind. I thought all I had to do was write a manuscript finished, send it out, and voila: there the book would be. This, good people, does not happen. Not even in the world of instant publishing. So first I had to figure out what my steps to publication would be (read the last post on Poets & Writers magazine). But the thing I had not realized would be so important was finding a mentor. I was lucky--my mentor found me. I entered the Associated Writing Programs Writers Conferences Contest a few years ago--and won--the judge that year? The awesome Michael Pettit. He took an interest in my work thereafter. He introduced me to my agent. He introduced me to other writers. He bolstered my confidence when it flagged, and had answers for me when I had questions. The guy is a gem. And I'm glad I sent in that application. I'm very happy to have been #114. Thank you Michael! For everything!  (Oh, and that contest deadline is March 30, 2010, this year!)


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