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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 23--The Yale Law School Mystique

I went to Yale Law School after journalism school because, well, I got in. I enjoyed many of the classes immensely--I was learning about the law, but I was also reading new things and learning alternative ways to address issues and problems and ideas.

I also made some dear friends: Kim (now a well-regarded legal scholar), Brooke (a solo practitioner and consultant extraordinaire), and Mr. Reynolds (now a partner at the best firm in NYC where we once worked together as interns and then young associates). And then there's me: now a published writer!

Funny enough--there are two other Yale Law folks with books out right now: Gretchin Rubin (a 3rd year when I was a 1st year) just published The Happiness Project (non-fiction) and it's hit the NYT Bestseller List already. Go Gretchin.

And writer Adam Haslett (a 1st year when I was a 3rd year, I think) has his second book, Union Atlantic, coming out next week. I was incredibly delighted to see my name alongside his on the Publisher's Weekly's "Top 10 Promising Debuts", and the Boston Herald's "Top 10 Books of 2010." Go Adam!

Add to all of this that I served as a research assistant to best-selling writer Stephen Carter (Emperor of Ocean Park) while I was there --well, it gets me wondering: what's the Yale Law School mystique that it attracts so many writers?

Photo: My Yale Law School Graduation: me, my mom, Harold Koh.


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