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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 28--Vocabulary List: Danish Words

There are a good number of Danish words in The Girl Who Fell From the Sky. I just noticed that most of the words are food words. Below is a primer.  (And please note that pastry in Danish is not called a Danish!)

  • franskbroed = white bread (nothing at all like Wonder Bread by the way).
  • rugbroed = rye bread
  • wienerbroed = pastry
  • marzipan = marzipan
  • stille = silent
  • hellig = holy
  • frikadeller = yummy meatball patty
  • kys = kiss
  • Jeg elsker dig. = I love you.

Stay tuned for the definition of the best word of all in the Danish language (and possibly any language) -- hygge!


favorite national obsession: food:-)

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