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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 31--A Desk of No Importance

I love visiting museums that used to be the "home of" such and such great writer. And I love to see the writers' desks--I almost feel like I can get a shock of inspiration if I could sit where they sat. I sat at many desks in the making of this novel at several different writing retreats, at home and on vacation. I also wrote at the kitchen counter and in airport lounges--and wherever the muse struck which sometimes didn't feel like often. Here are some of the "desks" I worked at during the writing of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky. The one desk noticeably missing is the one I am typing at right now. But guys--I couldn't show a photo of it. There is so much stuff and paper on it--it's hard to see the desk at all!

Heid Durrow

American Antiquarian Society 2007


Heidi Durrow at Shakespeare & Co. Paris

Shakespeare & Co., Paris, France  September 2007

Heidi Durrow Jentel

Jentel Spring 2004


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