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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 34--My Parents' Wedding Was Illegal

The Girl Who Fell From the SkyI heard a story on NPR this morning about a survey that found that people are more accepting of interracial marriages. Funny to think that when my parents got married people were not only not accepting of interracial marriage but it was illegal. Yes, guys, this is recent history! My parents planned to marry in South Carolina in 1965 where my father was to be stationed next. But it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry there (and in 15 other states). They married in Denmark instead. Yes, this conversation about interracial families is relatively new. I hope the book will spark more conversation about the mixed experience in all of its guises.  (I wrote a forward to a wonderful photo book of interracial couples done by Robert Kalman about this subject.  Check it out!)


Hi again. I just had to let you know how I love your web site and all your fun facts!
smile Lene Maxwell

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