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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 36--A Writer Writes But Works As Life Skills Coach

After I left my job as a corporate litigator, I worked in a few different jobs.   But the job I loved the most was my job as a Life Skills trainer for the NBA and NFL, for Zinc Sports Consulting. What does that mean? We would do skits with the players. I would do a scene with another actor that ended in conflict. We'd do a question and answer--What did he want? What did she want? What could he have said differently? The players would come up with alternative language and then we would invite one onstage to role-play with me. You can hear about the work I did (including the most dramatic moment when one player spilled the beans) on the GameFace podcast, for women who love sports. Erika Boeke has written a wonderful book on the subject--she was a wonderful interviewer and included me in the book with this interview from her book about my work too.


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