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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 46--My Real Grandma

I mentioned a few posts back that the Grandma Doris character isn't much like my real grandmother except for the jokes. But then I realized you don't know either one of them yet! So, let me introduce you to my real grandmother with this short film--and when you read the book you can decide whether the two ladies are similar or not. (And by the way: Happy New Year!) My Real Grandma(mp4 file). You can also watch the movie here--I've embedded below.

My Real Grandmother from Heidi Durrow on Vimeo.


Congrats on the link from Shelf Awareness. This definitely deserves to be “Book trailer of the day.” Amazing woman, your grandma!

just love the movie you created of grandma!

Hi Heidi.  Great video on your grandmother!  I love her recipe : )

Thanks all!  You will be happy to know that this little video will be featured on the Borders.com website in March.  We’re gonna make Grandma a star!

Dear Heidi. I was introduced to you on NPR and I am a Dane with two mixed children, so you caught my curiosity! I will buy your book and look forward to reading it. Thanks for talking about your Danish roots and not just calling it white; we are so much more than that, right. smile
...So what Danish dishes can you cook?
My best to you and your family. Peace, Lene Maxwell.

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