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Countdown to Publication: Fun Fact 56

If you're a writer, then you know how crushing the rejections can be. There are many. And they're often difficult to metabolize -- and if you turn those feelings inwards they can turn into terrible depression. One of my coping mechanisms became Tae Kwon Do. I had a friend in college who did it and I had always been fascinated by the sport. After a very frustrating first lesson, I became addicted. I loved doing the ki-yap (the yell) and the punches and kicks. I studied for two and a half years and earned my red belt, and two gold medals (one for sparring and the other for my ki-yop).  Tae Kwon Do lessons released all of the negative energy of the constant rejection of the business. I recommend a sport like that for any frustrated writer--it certainly helped me a lot.  (Photo: Me being very silly doing a poomse outside a bistro in Lyons, France.)


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