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5th Annual Mixed Experience History Month Kick-off

It's May and that means it's time once again for Mixed Experience History MonthI started this month-long celebration on my blog in 2007.  I profile up to two dozen folks during the month of May who are part of the Mixed experience and who have made significant contributions in their lives in politics, the arts, science, and more.  I also sometimes include important events in my write-ups.

Mixed Experience History Month is my effort to counteract the idea that our society has only become truly multiracial in the Obama age.  Truth is, it's been going on forever--the stories have just been silenced. 

So please tune in this month as I post profiles every weekday of folks you may have heard about and maybe some you haven't and learn a little about the history of the Mixed experience.  And check out some of the previous year's profiles: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Mixed Experience History Month is my annual blog post series celebrating the history of the Mixed experience.  Established in 2007, Mixed Experience History Month is my effort to show that we have long been a nation of multiracial and multicultural individuals of achievement (not tragic mulattoes).  Please look for more profiles of people, places and events of the Mixed experience every weekday of May right here at Lightskinned-ed Girl, the blog!  Thanks for reading.


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