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Hedgebrook: A Writer's Retreat

A writer's retreat is heaven! Particularly if you are a writer who has been talking about writing for several months on a book tour and not doing much writing. I am so excited to spend the next couple of weeks in this bucolic setting, Hedgebrook. I'll be staying in a little cottage just like this one--no internet at my desk, no television distractions.  Just me and the pen or computer and hopefully also my muse.

As it happens, I've come full circle. I worked on The Girl Who Fell From the Sky at Hedgebrook --the first sentences came to life there for me--and it was the first time I'd received an affirmation that I was a "real" writer even though I hadn't published a word. I am grateful to go back. Wish me many (good) words. P.S. The deadline is upcoming I believe: so check it out--www.hedgebrook.org.


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