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Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival 2010 Photos

This year's Festival was amazing. Yes, it happened a month and a half ago, but I'm just now having a chance to reflect. This was the third year and we felt more on top of things and much more relaxed during the Festival itself. I even got to enjoy some of the programs and talk to some folks. We're incredibly proud of this project and know that we must continue this in some way every year. There were participants who decided to create their art simply because they wanted to submit for the Festival. That was so satisfying to learn. Hopefully, the Festival is encouraging even more storytellers--Alas, we ended the year in the hole financially. I don't think folks realize that when we don't raise the money from donations and grants, we end up paying for the Festival out of our own pockets. It's become a very expensive venture these last years. So please, consider donating. Every little bit helps.



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