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Algonquin Night at Flyleaf is SWEET~

Wow! What a night! My Bread Loaf frieFlyleaf audiencends--the amazing writers: Belle Boggs, Lori Ostlund, and Ross White all came out in force--and my very dear poet/actor/friend Bob Moyer took the whole day to be able to attend the reading.

Flyleaf, a beautiful beautiful bookstore, had a great spread and wine and tons of people! There must have been a good five dozen folks there. Again, wow! And then there were the Algonquin peeps. My Algonquin peeps. I'd never done a reading with them in the audience and I was nervous. But it turned out okay I think. I mean I felt good and there was a wonderful energy from the crowd.

But I'd have to say the best part was having the whole Algonquin crew upfront with me. They were talking about other good Algonquin book club books --and there are many--but I can't describe to you how cool it was to have the whole Algonquin crew there in force. It just felt, well, cool to have all that back up! I'm back in Chapel hill on Feb. 20 and Feb. 21. I can't wait!


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