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Austin: Solis Book Party Celebration

I had to keep choking back tears on this night. There I was at my dear friend, B.'s home, in Austin--just falling apart because there was just so much love in the room. B., husband, and family put together a beautiful book party for me in their home. Their friends came out in force for the evening. It just meant so much--my friend celebrating the journey. See, still, I'm getting choked up and don't have the words. Daughter Mattie (age 7) introduced me. (Yes, video to come!) She was so adorable. To top it all off, my high school English teacher came with her daughter. She was the best teacher--it was so amazing to be able to share the moment with her. Someone at the end of the night told me that every tear I forced back would take a year off my life. Let the tears loose. I like that advice. Because they were all happy tears.


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