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Coming Full Circle with Barbara Kingsolver . . .

Heidi Durrow and Barbara Kingsolver and Hillary JordanLast week, I felt like I had come full circle with this wonderful experience I've had becoming a published novelist.  I shared the stage with my dear friend Hillary Jordan (Mudbound, When She Woke) and Barbara Kingsolver.  Barbara announced and introduced the new Bellwether Winner Susan Nussbaum (congrats!)--Her book should be published some time next Spring: Good Kings, Bad Kings.

Heidi Durrow and Barbara KingsolverI remember the first time I met Barbara a few months before my book was released.  I was so nervous, and this time I was nervous all over again.  But she's just so lovely and put me at ease.  And she said to me: "It's important to me that you write this next book."  Those words spoke to my soul!  I am looking forward to the coming months--no engagements or other duties--just me and the writing.  Wish me words.



I really enjoyed this, Heidi! Isn’t Barbara lovely? I just attended the Carnegie Center’s Books-in-Progress conference where she was the keynote speaker. She’s such an inspiration and has so much writerly wisdom to share. Of course, I’m looking forward to your next book!

Please tell her I read her book “The Poisonwood Bible” and made it my Staff Recommend.  My father lived in Africa and his name was Bill so it really made an impresssion on me.

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