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Book Club Visits

I had the pleasure of meeting with two different book clubs yesterday -- one in New Haven and the other in Los Angeles. And no I didn't teleport. I visited with the New Haven Health Workers in the afternoon via Skype video and had a great conversation. I think I even got some free psychoanalysis when a couple of the readers put things together I had included in the book quite subconsciously.

Then yesterday evening I met with the Coyotes Book Club led by the very awesome Emily Pullen at the wonderful Skylight Books. The discussion and questions were wide-ranging and I hope as interesting to me as it was to them. Alas, I forgot to get a photo with the group.   I really enjoyed meeting the groups and am so grateful they chose the book to read. So, I say again, if you have a book club that chooses The Girl Who Fell From the Sky for discussion, I'd love to join you if we can work out the schedule!


Dear Miss Durrow,
I have recently finished your book and found it very absorbing.  On 16th July I will be meeting with a group of like-minded ladies to exchange our thoughts,views and feelings.  any pointers for us or perhaps a skype? (I particularly Liked Grandma and the special roundabout language for the slide into heavy drinking).
Maria Fiocchi,

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