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Book Passage Brings out my Homies!

We could barely see the Golden Gate Bridge as we drove toward it as we headed to Book Passage in Corte Madera. The entire bridge was obscured by fog. Had I been driving I surely would have headed back. But there was a show to do at Book Passage. And what a treat it was. I'd say there were some two dozen folks in attendance, not a big crowd, but the people who were meant to be there were there--in particular, I got to meet a Mixed Chicks Chat listener--Jamie--and Connie, another mixie who could relate. And then there were my homies who came as a complete surprise the wonderful writers Kathryn Ma and Kirsten Menger-Anderson who I met at Bread Loaf and hadn't seen for a while. Thanks guys! That meant a lot to me! (And if you don't know their work--you should! They are awesome!)


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