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I Got In! Bread Loaf Writers' Conference 2010 Here I Come

When I left my job as a corporate litigator, the first real writing thing I did was attend the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference as a contributor. I had a wonderful time and met people I count as friends still today. I returned in 2004 as a "waiter"--the work-study scholarship that gives you a kind of "rock star" status, despite the fact that you are scraping the other conference attendees' plates. It was a crazy awesome time! Last year, I was accepted as a "Scholar." No work, but I did have to share a work-in-progress in workshop (I find that so difficult). But now, this year, I am happy to report, that I will return to Bread Loaf as a Fellow in August. I feel like I have made it full circle. I'm so excited.


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