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Clark College Commencement Address: A Wonderful Night

I was so incredibly honored to deliver the Commencement Address at Clark College this week in front of a 1000+ person crowd. The school graduated the largest class ever--and what an amazing collection of graduates. They had overcome so much to obtain their Associates Degrees--one student had survived a firing squad in Liberia, the student speaker talked about finding her way out of an abusive relationship and in mid-life finally pursuing her education, another said to me as she received her degree that it was her fifth time trying to finish and she was so glad she persevered. My job was to wow them, but they wowed me! Congratulations Clark College graduates. Keep on going!  Read more here. Photo by Steven Lane.


Wonderful, Heidi!  What you had to say was meaningful and insightful: I’ve been thinking about that wise coffee mug all week.

Best to you,

Jill Darley, English

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