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My CNN Red Chair Interview

Remember back in August when I did the CNN Dialogues panel hosted by Wolf Blitzer? Well, that same trip I got to sit for a CNN Red Chair interview (watch the video it really is a red chair) -- CNN Red Chair feature is a newsmaker series that has featured the likes of the current crop of Republican presidential nominees, Chaka Khan and George Clinton, and now me. You can check it out here:


Brava, Miss Heidi!

I loved it.

I was at Dorothy’s Collected Works last evening and presented my piece about the Ballets Russes in the early 20th Century. Great fun and nice crowd. I’ll tell you more via e-mail.

Thinking of you.


What a wonderful interview.  I loved it!
So proud of you.

This is so beautiful: the sentiments, the story, the writer. “Rays of light, like the sun.” So inspiring. And, you rose above the scarcity of possibility posed by the naysayers. Whew!

Wonderful Heidi!!!!  I join the throngs of your followers in congratulating you and yours!

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