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The Girl Who Fell From the Sky Finds the Perfect Sanctuary

I love the folks of Laguna Beach. I love Laguna Beach Books. I love St. Mary's Episcopal Church. It was through a partnership between the bookstore and the church that Laguna Reads was born. I was incredibly honored to learn that The Girl Who Fell From the Sky was the inaugural pick. I had no idea what to expect in terms of turnout or engagement with the story. I did know though that the book was selling well at the bookstore and hit the #1 spot on the bookstore's bestseller list one week --ahead of Jonathan Franzen (Oprah's Pick)! (Okay, it was just one bookstore, but still! Whoo hoo!)
I couldn't have asked for a better evening. I only hope that the audience had half as much as I did. The community was so warm and engaging -- and it seemed that they really did love The Girl . . . -- it was a very magical night for me sitting at the front of the sanctuary reading excerpts and talking about the book to a group of some 5 dozen people. Thank you Jane Hanauer and Danielle Bauter of Laguna Beach Books. Thank you Jan Fisher of St. Mary's Episcopal Church. Thank you everyone in Laguna Beach who came out (and especially my friend Susan G. who introduced me to the bookstore)! What a wonderful night!


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