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Lewis & Clark College Mulitcultural Read

The day after my Portland Public Schools visits I met with the students of Lewis & Clark. The multicultural affairs office chose The Girl Who Fell From the Sky as its first campus-wide read. Can I tell you how delighted I was that so many of the students participated--they were reading The Girl -- on the side! No credit! It wasn't required reading but nevertheless they read the book and showed up with thoughtful questions and comments. Again, I was impressed by the fact that the students of all races and cultures connected with the characters and the book's themes. One lovely young woman explained that she loved the book because it was about location displacement--like me, her family had moved around as she group and she had a hard time explaining where she was from! Exactly! The event was open to the public and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a fellow Heidi--a Portlander who had chosen my book for her book club--they had just discussed it earlier in the week. Best of all I got to talk with my dear neighbor Sandy's granddaughter Amanda who is a Lewis & Clark student! Sandy was one of my trusted readers as I worked on the manuscript. The world is small isn't it? Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugThank you Lewis & Clark and all of the students who turned out.


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