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Literary Women Recap

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugLet's just say that by the time I got to Literary Women, the annual event for readers and writers in Long Beach held each March, I was on a natural high of wonderfully energizing events. Who knew that I could get even more buzzed on this crowd? But I did. There were just shy of 750 women (okay, maybe there were a couple of men) at the event--YES! The event featured me, Tatjani Soli, Jennifer Haigh, Elaine Showalter, Rae Armantrout, and Linda Gordon. I was so honored to be part of such a powerhouse crew. Elaine Showalter brought it kicking things off with a talk about the writing of her book, Jury of My Peers. I loved what she said about the need for women to name our own genres and be better and self-promotion. More on that soon! I was one of the featured authors in a breakout group--I'm not sure who these guys thought they were getting when they signed up for my breakout group, but I know I ended up with the warmest, most energizing group ever. I was ready to hire a bus to take them on tour with me! I can't really explain the lovely energy of the room--I hope they felt it too. I signed books after that and enjoyed the rest of the day--and yes, I keep buzzing about that event because it was soooo good! Thank you to everyone at Literary Women in particular Monica and Regina and the event chair Marilyn! I was honored to be invited and I'm thrilled I had the opportunity!


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