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Malaprops Rocks

Heidi & CraigPatti DighA light snow began to fall as we kicked off a series of Algonquin Book Nights at some wonderful indie bookstores around the country. Craig P., Algonquin's marketing guru, and I, met with a wonderful bunch of avid book readers and book club folks at Malaprop's last night to showcase some great Algonquin book club titles including yes, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky! It was a lot of fun--Craig kicked off the night with an original poem!  Lyrical?  Well, it was written to the tune of Ice Ice Baby--you decide.  And yes, I have it on video.  But I'm not sure if I can release it.  Let me get back to you on that one.  I also met the amazing and lovely Patti Digh IRL.  She is exactly who you think she is when you read her blog and her books.  I heart Patti.   Thank you Malaprop's and everyone came out on a chilly, snowy night!  I hope I can come back again soon!


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