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Meeting Kara, a reader & a writer!

Kara and Me at McLean & EakinI met a wonderful young woman in Michigan last week. Her name is Kara. She read The Girl Who Fell From the Sky when Jessilynn of the wonderful McLean & Eakin books handed it to her. She rushed back to the bookstore soon after begging for anything else like The Girl . . . --Kara wasn't in town for the luncheon appearance I did last week, but I really wanted to meet her and thank her. So Jessilynn put in a call to her early on a summer Friday morning and Kara very graciously (and quickly) got herself in gear and came to the bookstore to say hello. She's a lovely young woman: smart, curious, and interested in the world beyond her immediate community. And she's writer--she showed me the journal she always carries with her (yes!) just in case she's got a good idea--and she showed me her second journal--it's one that she shares with her best friend. They each write in it and paste poems or quotes or whatever they want in the journal handing it back and forth when they see each other. "How do you decide who gets it when?" I asked. "Whoever needs it the most gets to have it," she said matter-of-factly. I was so delighted by this idea--first, because in the age of Facebook here were two young women writing still, not for public consumption but for themselves and each other; and second, because they are creating a beautiful record of their friendship. Jessilynn tells me that Kara was very excited to meet me. But truly, Kara, the pleasure was all mine! Thank you for coming by!


Kara is a wonderful person and student!  I was fortunate enough to have her brilliance (and probably a few who share the journal) in my English class last year! 

Yeah for both of you for finding one another.  Thank you for a wonderful read and such wonderful press for Kara and her friends.

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