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I've Been Analyzed!

Red Cedar Writing Group partyRed Cedar Writing Group Group shotTobyAt the amazing McLean & Eakin luncheon last week, I had the great privilege to meet the students of the Red Cedar Writing Project, a summer writing program for educators who teach writing. One of the participants, Dan, chose The Girl Who Fell From the Sky for the group to study after reading a review--a few days later they learned that I would be in their town for the luncheon and they bought tickets for the whole group. What a delightful bunch they are! I had to give Stasha an A+ for insightful question about the theme of "counting" in the book -- really, all of their questions were so wonderful. And I was so grateful to Tim for asking me to read a passage I'd never read before for an audience. I could go on and on about this wonderful group-- I'd never done a presentation where so many of the attendees had already read the book. The class generously invited me to stop by their end-of-class celebration that evening which I did. And they gave me copies of their reflection essays on The Girl and the collection of their own writing from the summer program. I cried when I read them--the reflections and each person's willingness to share how their own stories related--well, just wow! Thank you Red Cedar Writing Project. Meeting you all last week was such an amazing gift!


Heidi, thank you for showing us that writing comes from the heart of a person.  Your book was incredible—I felt my heart breaking the entire time that I was reading it.  You were an incredible writer. 

I cannot wait to send you more of our ideas!

I hope the rest of the book tour is amazing.  We certainly will be talking again.  I was so excited that Kara was the student that you discussed at the luncheon, as she was in my Honors English course last year.  She is a phenomenal gal!

Thank you for adding such a gift to the end of our stellar institute!

Thank you for using your vacation time to visit Petoskey and then coming to our Red Cedar reception the last night of our 16-day workshop.  You are not only a special writer, you are a special person. Must have been that master’s degree in journalism from Columbia.
Thank you again!
Ken Winter

You are just delightful Heidi!  We were so pleased that all the stars aligned for us in order that we were able to not only read your work “The Girl”, but also meet you.  Many thanks to your husband also for letting us share your company for a larger part of the day than originally intended.  I hope our work together will continue in some way ... your energy is contagious.

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