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Mixed Experience History Month 2014

It's May and that means it's Mixed Experience History Month, a month-long celebration of people and events that have shaped the Mixed experience.  I founded this celebration in 2007 with the hope of bringing awareness to the long history of racial and cultural connectedness.  I had become frustrated with the idea that my discussions of "mixed-ness" was for a small niche-group and set out to show that the Mixed experience is the American experience--that we're all part of this larger story.

Can you believe it's year 7?  Over the years I've profiled close to 80 important historical figures of the Mixed Experience.  The profiles have been of political dignitaries, activists, artists, religious leaders, inventors, and musicians.  This year I promise to profile a diverse and dynamic bunch again.

Starting tomorrow I will post a new profile of a person or event in the Mixed experience each weekday of the month.  If you have nominations for inclusion, please leave a comment below. 

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Mixed Experience History Month is the annual blog post series created by The New York Times best-selling author Heidi Durrow celebrating the history of the Mixed experience. Established in 2007Mixed Experience History Month is an effort to highlight the long history of folks and events involved in the Mixed experience.  Please look for more profiles of people, places and events of the Mixed experience every weekday of May at Lightskinned-ed Girl, the blog!  Thanks for reading.  And check out some of the previous year's profiles: 2007200820092010, 20112012,  2013. Copyright 2014.



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