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Bibliocracy Interview

Listen in on this interview that aired earlier this year on KPFK's Bibliocracy.  It was intense--it was akin I'm guessing to getting "Silverblatted" by KCRW's Book Worm host Michael Silverblatt.  Now I will be ready if he ever calls.  Michael?  I'm ready!


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Portland Community College Podcast Part 2

This is Part 2 of the culminating event at Portland Community College for the PCC Reads events at Sylvania. I love the staged reading. I love the energy and questions.


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Portland Community College Podcast Part 1

This was the culminating event for my visit to Portland Community College Campus-Wide Read of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky. You will be impressed by the student's thoughtful questions and the amazing staged reading of excerpts from the book. This is Part 1. Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow.


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: Part 2

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PBS Books & Co. Interview Extended

Yesterday I posted the complete interview that was aired on PBS's Books & Co., but here is the extended behind-the-scenes interview! Check it out!

PBS Books & Co. Interview

I mentioned before that this interview was upcoming. Well, now the complete interview is available on You Tube! You can see it here! Yay!

Mixed Roots In the Schools

Mx11kidsatschool1 My dear friend Rayme Cornell and I had the great opportunity to visit a Santa Monica middle-grade school where we got to talk to kids about the upcoming Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival, June 11-12, 2011 in Los Angeles. www.mxroots.org.

People often ask me whether I think things are changing for kids who are mixed. Unfortunately, the answer is no. In a big city like Los Angeles, you'd think that the kids would encounter a lot of diversity, that they wouldn't find themselves feeling so lonely because of their dual identities. Here are some excerpts from the kids' writing. We asked them to write a few sentences about themselves using this prompt: When I think about my roots, I think . . .

  • "I am Swedish, Finnish, Native American. I have Viking blood and much more. I am Christian, and a pinch Catholic. I think of my roots when I'm bored, sad, or curious about me. I think about mixed roots when I'm walking on the street and when I'm at school. I feel curious about where people are from." --O.
  • "I see the world as a blend making a nationality smoothie!" --O.
  • "I think about my roots all the time because in second grade one kid said to me 'Why are you black?' so that scared me, so when I I with my friends I think 'Do I fit here?"-- B.

Some of the responses just broke my heart, but also helped me realize that we really have to carry forth with the Festival -- the young folks still need a place to be heard.  If you're reading this post, you are someone, know someone or love someone in the Mixed experience.  Won't you please consider donating to the Festival?



Mixed Roots Represents!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugWhat a wonderful afternoon. Poets & Writers invited Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival writers to join in on a dynamic line-up that included Jason Luckett, and Neil Aitken. Folks broke out clapping after each poem Neil read; and gasped and amened to the powerful work Luckett presented.Thank you both for representing the Festival so well.  Don't miss these guys at this year's Festival June 11 and 12, 2011.  More information at www.mxroots.org.

Danish Cultural Center Photos

The last big reading on my never-ending tour was very appropriately the Danish Cultural Center in Yorba Linda, CA. And it was the very best send-off you could imagine. Folks enjoyed a real Danish breakfast with good coffee, rugbrod, cheese, and wienerbrod. Yummy! There was such a wonderful warm energy in the room. It was as we say in Danish very "hyggeligt." The added bonus was meeting another Afro-Viking. Emma who is 9-years-old and also speaks Danish declared: "I never thought I would find my twin." Don't you love that? I felt the same way? Tak til Vibeke and everyone at the center. I hope to visit with you again soon!

LA Times Festival of Books

I really do think I hit the big time. I was on a panel called "Writing Between Races" moderated by the awesome Karen Grigsby Bates of NPR and featuring Danzy Senna, Susan Straight and Jessica Hagedorn. Karen Grigsby Bates (sorry I have to use her whole name that's how I think of her) threw down with the first question: "Is anatomy destiny?" Then we were off. We didn't always agree, but it was a lovely and lively conversation amongst the panelists as well as the audience. I understand that the audio will be up on Audible.com soon. I'll keep you posted! Oh, and can I say I peeped Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh in the audience? Was she there to see me?  Hee hee!  P.S. A special shout out to Jan Nixon and her dad--who I met at StoryCorps and found in her daughter a great blogger for the Festival!  Yay Amelia!  And another shout out to MsALWalker-a dear tweeple! 

Vermin on the Mount Photos

I've been really lucky to meet some great folks on this journey to publication--obviously lovely readers, but also incredibly warm and generous writers. I met the awesome writer Jim Ruland at Bread Loaf in 2009. I liked this dude right away! He's been a huge support and invited me to participate in his popular LA reading series, Vermin on the Mount, held at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown-- a very cool vibe. Jim put together a wonderful line-up--I wish I could have stayed all night. Thank you Jim this great opportunity.

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