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We are the 15 Percent

I love this response to the racist rants against the Cheerio's ad that featured a multiracial family.  "We're not just reacting to negativity, we're boosting representation, elevating the conversation and hopefully giving context that reaches beyond Madison Avenue. These families exist; we eat breakfast and walk our dogs and love just as hard as families in other cereal commercials," said co-creator of the website:  We are the 15 percent!

Remembering My Real Grandmother

Some of you may know that my real grandmother was in part an inspiration for the character Grandma Doris in my novel.  You know all those funny things Grandma Doris says in the book?--well, my grandmother likely said something similar.  My real grandmother died last week at the age of 96 after a couple of years of declining health.  Grandma grew up in segregated Texas and married my grandfather "the paperboy" as a teenager.  In the late 1940s she moved to the Pacific Northwest and the couple soon divorced. Grandma went on to raise three children on her own working as a domestic helper and managed to buy her own house.  We laid her to rest last week with heavy hearts, but with the knowledge that she is now at peace and maybe she will finally find her "rooster" in Heaven.  


      I will miss my grandmother.  Many of you got a chance to see her when she was introduced on Portland's Morning Show, or at many of my book events in Portland over the last three years, including the Everybody Reads event.  If you didn't meet her, learn a little about her from this little video I made about her life.  In the video, she reveals the recipe to living such a long life.

The Founding Roots of Marriage Equality?

Please check out this great piece on the founding roots of marriage equality that I curated for Loving Day Hippo Reads is a great resource to learn a lot about a topic very quickly.  Read the article here.

Is Interracial Marriage Still Scandalous?

This is my first New York Times essay piece.  It's called "It's OK to be Intrigued."  Please check it out and leave a comment!  (This is a photo from my parents' wedding in Denmark.)

Video Interpretation of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

I was really impressed by this video I discovered this morning.  I don't know who is behind it but it's so charming I had to share.


Happy Birthday Nella Larsen

On this day in 1891, the amazingly talented writer (and fellow Afro-Viking) Nella Larsen was born.  Thinking of her today and giving thanks for her work and her life.  It changed my life that I was able to honor her by installing a headstone on her grave in 2006.  I hope one day I'll have the honor of seeing her novel Passing on the big screen (I co-wrote an adaptation).  But I am so glad her memory lives on.

James Baldwin On Being An Artist & Staying True

I started blogging seven years ago as a struggling novelist seeking community.  And to a certain degree I came to blogging as a woman who was learning how to trust her own voice.
Today, I am a published novelist--my book was met with great critical and commercial acclaim.  I was dubbed a Power 100 Leader by Ebony Magazine.  I've met so many wonderful readers traveling the country almost non-stop for three years; I've had wonderful opportunities like walking the red carpet for the Image Awards and hanging out with Vanessa Williams at the after-party, appearing on CNN and NPR and the NBC Nightly News, speaking at the Schnitz to an audience of 2500 people who had all read my book.  The dream I had came true!  I got my big break -- now what?
I re-read this quote by James Baldwin and thought: he really gets what it means to be an artist--not just a success story.  Words to live by.  Thank you once again, Mr. James Baldwin!
“Then you make—oh, fifteen years later, several thousand drinks later, two or three divorces, God knows how many broken friendships and an exile of one kind or another—some kind of breakthrough, which is your first articulation of who you are: that is to say, your first articulation of who you suspect we all are . . . [Y]ou make your first breakthrough [as an artist], people have heard your name—and here comes the world again.  The world you first encountered when you were fifteen.  The world which has starved you, despised you.  Here it comes again.  This time it is bearing gifts.  The phone didn’t ring before—if you had a phone.  Now it never stops ringing.  Instead of people saying, ‘What do you do?’ they say,’Won’t you do this?’ And you become, or you could become a Very Important Person.  And then—and this is a confession—you find yourself in the position of a woman I don’t know who sings a certain song in a certain choir and the song begins: ‘I said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody but I couldn’t keep it to myself.’  You’ve come full circle.  Here you are again, with it all to do all over again, and you must decide all over again whether you want to be famous or whether you want to write. And the two things, in spite of all the evidence,
have nothing whatever in common.”--James Baldwin, "The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity"

27 Authors, 27 Books to Win!

27 authors have banded together to put together a year’s worth of reading for 2 lucky winners. Here are the rules:

Sign-up for the contest by leaving your name and email address in the comment section here. Every entrant will have a chance to win 27 books.

In order to win as many books as possible, you must add each book to your Goodreads shelf through the links provided below. Click the link and then click the WANT TO READ button below the book’s image.  If you add all 27 books and you win, then you’ll get 27 books. If you only add 2, then you only get 2, etc.  (Note: if all you have done is “enter”, and you are chosen, you will win one book of your choice among the 27.)

The original contest will be for 2 winners; for each 500 entry milestone we will add another winner with a maximum of 5 winners. So when we get to 500 entries, there will be 3 winners. 1000 will be 4 winners, 1500 and over will be 5 winners. The winners will be chosen by random number generation and will be contacted through the email address they provided. US and Canada only.  Runs March 15-22, 2013. (Note: some books may not be available until their publication dates.)

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  26. Click here to add THE GIRL WHO FELL FROM THE SKY by Heidi Durrow to your Goodreads shelf
  27. Click here to add THE PAINTED GIRLS by Cathy Marie Buchanan to your Goodreads shelf


The Real Life Story that Inspired The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky Real StoryI am often asked about the real story that inspired The Girl Who Fell From the Sky.  I will never tell.

First, I feel incredibly protective of the real girl.  Yes, there is a real girl out there somewhere.  She deserves to live her life without a reminder of that horrible day, that horrible tragedy.  And it's not entirely clear that she even would remember what happened.  It's very likely that she suffered traumatic amnesia.  And then beyond that--the story that I have written is not her story--I did try to do that initially but it didn't work.  I didn't know enough about her.  So I wrote about what I knew: I wrote about growing up black and Danish and feeling like America's ideas of race and culture divorced me from my mom because people couldn't see her in me.

I write this today because I woke up to read the horrifying story about the Harlem mother who jumped from an eight-story building with her baby in her arms and the child survived.  I received a ton of messages from readers about the story.  It was as if they wanted a moment to grieve with me because I understood what that meant because of my book.  I'm not sure.  But I was glad to get their messages and not feel so alone in the sadness I felt about another woman feeling so unsure that she could protect and take care of her child she thought it best to take him out of the world too.

This post is a bit of ramble--written in the heat of grief and bewilderment--but there is one message I want to be very clear: to any sleuthing readers who want to find the "real girl" who was the inspiration of the book.  STOP!  DON'T!  Give her that gift of peace and of grace.  Know simply that her story of survival inspired the survivor in me and maybe in you too.

The Inspiration for My Work-in-Progress Gets NY Times Shout out!

Miss Lala Heidi DurrowI have been researching the life of Miss Lala for years and am working on a novel that fictionalizes her life.  Who knew that she was on everyone's mind?  Check out this story in the NY Times about the exhibition that opened this week at the Morgan Library in New York.  I know a lot more than the curators about her life -- in fact, I found a new photograph of her recently that's never been published.  It was like looking into her soul.  So wish me words as I continue working on the book--ETA unknown, but it's definitely in the works!

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