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It was my last East Coast reading on what my friends jokingly call my never-ending book tour that started in January 2010 with the hardcover release of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky and continued almost non-stop until, well, now. Rather than being excited, I was honestly just pooped.

But then wonder of wonders, just before the reading I met for the first time some fellow Afro-Vikings. (You should know that in my unofficial Census there are now 11 known Afro-Vikings living in the United States and at least three in Denmark.) Meeting them was so cool. It was like finding a mirror finally at age 41!

Afro Vikings and SarahI was getting my energy up for the reading, but I didn't really need it, because there was a good and lively crowd there. I had the best time--I hope they did too. Thank you Jeff for the invitation and thank you all for coming out!


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