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Mixed Remixed, An Artist Residency and Book #2

I send an update to my mailing list 3 or 4 times a year with upcoming appearance information and updates on my forthcoming book #2.  Below is an excerpt of the latest newsletter.  You can read the rest here.  And if you'd like to make sure you get these updates in the future, please join my mailing list. 


I get messages from time to time asking me when I plan to publish book #2.  And then I have to admit sheepishly that first I have to finish it!  But I promise you that I am finally making good progress these days --especially during my recent residency at the Djerassi Resident Arts Program in northern California.

     In the beautiful mountains which overlook the Pacific Ocean on a clear day (and gloriously eery fog on other days), I re-discovered my muse and spent four happy weeks inside the mind of the woman who inspired my character, Miss Lala.   You can see the photos that graced my studio wall and that sparked my imagination in the short video I've included here.  Or read more on my website here.



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