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100 Fun Facts Countdown: Number 90

First things first! I promised the answer to the quiz I posted about the book's title.

Here it is: I considered the following titles for the book at various stages: Low-Sky Dreaming; To Feed My Sleep, and Light-skinned-ed Girl. I didn't come up with Nella's Song until I was writing the quiz though I kind of like the sound of it now. But I LOVE the title The Girl Who Fell From the Sky--which was a suggestion from the publisher.

But now onward for the countdown: Fun Fact 90: I used Revising Fiction: A Handbook for Writers by David Madden--recommended by my friend, writer Murad Kalam--as a guide when I was working on the final drafts. (The book is no longer in print, but you can find used copies on www.abebooks.com.)


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