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Rediscovered Bookshop Rocks!

Heidi Durrow at Rediscovered BooksI am so grateful to Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise, ID. The booksellers there have been super champions of The GIrl Who Fell From the Sky since it was first released in hardcover. I was so jazzed I got a chance to visit their store a couple of weeks ago. And look what a wonderful set-up they had for my visit--and look what a wonderful turnout there was! My fellow Bread Loafer '09, the brilliant writer who is taking the country by storm with his much acclaimed debut, Volt, introduced me which almost brought me to tears. It was just a special, special night. Thank you to Laura, Jamie, Ross, Ty, and Megan for a wonderful evening and thank you to everyone including the whole Taxi Pass crew who came out to cheer me on!Al Heathcock and Heidi Durrow


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