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The Writers' Block Interview

I knew I'd love talking to Amanda Turner on The Writers' Block when I read what she wrote about The Girl Who Fell From the Sky to pub my appearance on the show: "All I can say is that it broke my heart and then stitched it together again. I’m happily scarred." I hope you'll enjoy listening to this wide-ranging conversation I had with Amanda a couple of weeks ago in Boise--some of my answers even surprised me! You can hear the interview here.


I am so inspired by your story—both the fictional, your novel, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, and your personal life experiences. To write something that both celebrates your truth and honors the truth of others who have walked a similar path—is there any greater accomplishment for a writer? And then for it to be such a lyrical work of magic. Wow! You bring this fellow writers to tears. Thank you, Heidi, for taking the risks! I so enjoyed your “Wordstock” workshop in Portland and having the chance to meet you. You are a gift!

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