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A Multi-Culti Night at Watchung Books

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugI met Margot, the owner of Watchung Books, last year at a pre-publication event for booksellers. I was signing advanced reading copies and she came up to introduce herself and told me she (a white mom) had biracial kids. As Margot puts it, I then "lunged across the table to hug her" and expressed my love for her because she was part of my tribe. Yup. That's actually what happened. Well, since then, I've been trying to arrange a visit to her store, and it finally happened. And I'm so glad it did. There was a wonderful multi-culti crowd in the house--a lot of folks nodding as I talked about growing up mixed--and there were a lot of hugs all around. Thank you Margot for a wonderful night! It was an incredible special experience! Now, can you find me in the crowd?


The experience was phenomenal!!  Heidi is just an amazing, insightful and inspiring person.  My next stop will be Mixed Chicks Chat wink

Thanks sis!!

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